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What is Cowsins Partners?

At Cowsins, we love to launch exciting projects that empower our community to achieve their dreams. Our assets make game development easier for developers globally. Now, we invite you to be a part of the next chapter: creating your unique community and unlocking its full potential. Cowsins Partners is currently in development, and an exciting journey awaits. Will you join us on this adventure?

Cowsins Partners is still in development. You can support Cowsins while we keep working on the platform, our assets, and helping you to make great games.

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Added: New post type, links.


Improved Likes Animation & Colour.


Cowsins Partners 2023.1.2 brings enhanced backend features, paving the way for Cowsins to initiate the development of user-generated community profiles that can be both monetized and expanded.

Cowsins Partners

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